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Dzieje odnalezienia drzewa Krzyża świętego. Ustalenia i wątpliwości historyczne

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Show simple item record Wróblewski, Paweł 2023-11-20T09:11:09Z 2023-11-20T09:11:09Z 2008
dc.identifier.citation Analecta Cracoviensia, 2008, t. 40, s. 395-416. pl_PL
dc.identifier.issn 0209-0864
dc.description.abstract True Cross started again. S. Heid, S. Borgehammar i J. W. Drijvers presented different reconstructions of beginnings of Inventio crucis. Heid maintained that the Holy Wood was not found, Borgehammar wrote that this event really had place and that Helena discovered the lignum crucis. Drijvers argues with Borgehammar about finding the trophy but he thinks that Helena did not participate in that event. Recently in polish publications about relics and True Cross the Borgehammar’s thesis was accepted without any analysis of the ancient texts and without discussion about the state of research. In this paper author investigates the Greek, Latin (and translations of Syriac) texts, evaluates the veracity of the legend and comments all thesis, which have been already published. A literary analysis shows that Helena was not connected with the discovery of the Holy Wood, she was not in Jerusalem at the time the Christ’s tomb was found and the construction of the Church of Holy Sepulchre started – only in this time the lignum crucis may have been discovered. Building work in Jerusalem started before she went on her pilgrimage to Palestine. Inventio Crucis was evidently later construct. Moreover there is no proof that the discovery indeed had place. The earliest sources do not mention it and we know nothing about place where Cross may have been found. On the other hand it is also possible that some chunks of wood were discovered during the buildings work in Jerusalem, and later (rather not immediately) these pieces were claimed to be the fragments of the True Cross. Lignum crucis was undoubtedly venerated in the end of the fourth century in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The legend could explained the presence of the relics of the Cross (which soon became a favourite goal of pilgrimage) foremost in Jerusalem and gave a reason for presence of fractions of the trophy in other places. It is also probable that Cyril of Jerusalem initiated writing the story and used it for his own purposes. We cannot definitely determine that “finding” of the Cross was a real event or not but we can prove that Helena did not discover the Holy Wood. pl_PL
dc.language.iso pl pl_PL
dc.publisher Wydawnictwo Naukowe Papieskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Krakowie pl_PL
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Poland *
dc.rights.uri *
dc.subject krzyż pl_PL
dc.subject historia pl_PL
dc.subject historia Kościoła pl_PL
dc.subject Kościół pl_PL
dc.subject lignum crucis pl_PL
dc.subject manuskrypty pl_PL
dc.subject rękopisy pl_PL
dc.subject źródła historyczne pl_PL
dc.subject relikwie pl_PL
dc.subject legendy pl_PL
dc.subject Flavia Iulia Helena pl_PL
dc.subject święci pl_PL
dc.subject kult relikwii pl_PL
dc.subject True Cross pl_PL
dc.subject Holy Cross pl_PL
dc.subject cross pl_PL
dc.subject history pl_PL
dc.subject Church history pl_PL
dc.subject Church pl_PL
dc.subject manuscripts pl_PL
dc.subject historical sources pl_PL
dc.subject relics pl_PL
dc.subject Holy Cross relics pl_PL
dc.subject reliquary of the Holy Cross pl_PL
dc.subject legends pl_PL
dc.subject saints pl_PL
dc.subject cult of relics pl_PL
dc.subject cult of Holy Cross relics pl_PL
dc.subject kult pl_PL
dc.subject cult pl_PL
dc.subject drzewo Krzyża Świętego pl_PL
dc.subject Krzyż Święty pl_PL
dc.subject relikwie Krzyża Świętego pl_PL
dc.subject kult relikwii Krzyża Świętego pl_PL
dc.subject relikwiarz Krzyża Świętego pl_PL
dc.title Dzieje odnalezienia drzewa Krzyża świętego. Ustalenia i wątpliwości historyczne pl_PL
dc.title.alternative The History of the Finding of the True Cross. Historical Findings and Doubts pl_PL
dc.type Article pl_PL

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