The theological digital repository "Theo-logos" gathers and makes available, via open access, publications based in Poland covering the fields of theology, religious studies, and canon law. The database is both interconfessional, bringing together publications of various Christian denominations (Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant), as well as interreligious, indexing publications growing out of other, non-Christian religious traditions. The repository was created ad maiorem Dei gloriam. This open access to Polish publications on theology and religious studies is intended to disseminate theological knowledge, to popularize and promote the achievements of Polish academics and to archive the achievements of Polish theological thought. The database has been created and is owned by the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The participants in its creation are: the Committee for Theological Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the College of Deans of Theological Faculties in Poland, the Scientific Council at the Polish Episcopal Conference, the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, the Catholic Academy in Warsaw and the Federation of Ecclesiastical Libraries "Fides". The name "Theo-logos" derives from Greek words θεός (theos) - "God, divinity" and λέγω (lego) - "speak" i λόγος (logos) - "word". That being so, "Theo-logos" can mean both "God's word and utterance" and "word and speaking about God". The term θεολόγος (theologos), a compound of two words θεός and λόγος, describes the one that speaks of the gods, that discusses divinity, i.e. a theologian.

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